Best Student Educational Apps

In the 21st century, students have many ways to learn. They can use laptops and tablets or rely on their teachers to provide them with a lesson plan. But what if you want your students to be engaged outside of school? If so, then it’s time for them to get access to some educational apps.

Best Student Educational Apps in 2023

These apps can help improve student engagement while also increasing their learning outcomes. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best educational apps available today:

1. Tutor Time

Tutor Time is an online tutoring service that offers one-on-one tutoring to students of all ages, including elementary school students and adult learners. Tutor Time also offers a variety of other educational services including test prep for SAT/ACT and AP exams, reading comprehension courses, writing courses (including writing prompts), math help (including algebra), and more.

Tutor Time charges $20 per hour per student with a maximum price of $100 per session; however, some teachers will offer discounts on longer sessions if you need them or have multiple students in your class at once. In addition to their standard services, they have also partnered with Kaplan Test Prep which allows you to get access to some additional content like practice tests from previous years’ exams directly through their website without having any extra equipment needed!

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a free web-based program that allows teachers to create and organize assignments, handouts, and announcements. Teachers can also collaborate on projects with students in real-time using Google Docs.

The student app allows you to add your own files from the web or from your iTunes library by dragging them into your document window. You can also insert images directly into the text of your document as well as upload videos for demonstrations or presentations.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free online education platform that aims to improve student performance in core subjects. It has over 10,000 videos on a wide range of topics and includes practice problems, exercises, and interactive quizzes.

Khan Academy is not just an educational tool; it also provides tools for teachers to help them make the most of their student’s learning time. The website has a forum where teachers can ask questions about how best to teach certain subjects or how they can use technology in their classrooms. Teachers can access these resources through the “Teacher Tools” section on

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is a language learning app that you can use to learn the basics of Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. It’s free to use and has no advertisements or in-app purchases.

The app takes you through an interactive adventure with fun activities like quizzes, games, and stories that teach you how to speak new words in each language. You’ll be able to read about them on their website as well!

Duolingo also has an option for people who want help from both native speakers and professional tutors who will help them get their levels up faster than normal (you can pay $10 per hour).

5. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that helps teachers create and run quizzes, manage their classes, and track student progress. Kahoot! works with more than 200 universities to help students master critical concepts on their path to graduation. It’s used in more than 200 countries by more than 10 million teachers and 15 million students.

Kahoot! was founded in 2010 by two high school friends—Yaron Haviv (CEO) and Daniel Rubin (CTO)—who had been working on an idea for an app they called “GameQuiz” since 2007. The app launched as an iPhone app at SXSW Interactive in 2011; it was later made available for other mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets as well as desktop computers running Windows XP or newer versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7/8/10

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is a learning app that allows students to create and share study sets. Students can create flashcards, quizzes, and games on the platform.

Quizlet is free to use and available on all platforms including iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows Phone and MacOS. The site also has an online store where you can purchase items like stickers or t-shirts related to your favorite subjects if you want something more personalized than just a plain white shirt with numbers printed on it

7. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a tool that helps teachers, students, and parents track student progress. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on the progress of your classmates in class and those who are absent.

The app allows teachers to create worksheets with tasks or quizzes for individual students. Teachers can then assign these tasks as homework to their class at home or online through the app, which allows them to monitor each student’s work throughout the week.

8. Photomath

Photomath is a free, online calculator that can be used to solve problems in multiple fields. It’s best known for its ability to solve complex equations, but it also has some other handy features. For example:

  • It can be used to find unknown numbers or values by inputting an equation and then tapping on “show answer.”
  • You can use it as you would any other calculator if you’re just looking for simple math calculations (e.g., 3+2=5).

9. Nearpod

Nearpod is a free, interactive classroom platform that allows you to create, organize and deliver lessons on any device. Nearpod has many features that make it a great educational app.

10. edX

You can find edX at It’s an online learning platform that offers free online courses from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. The platform has over 20 million students, with new content added every month, so you’re sure to find something you’ll like there!

If you’re interested in taking a course on iOS development or computer science fundamentals, for example, this software is an excellent option since it allows students to learn at their own pace without having to pay tuition fees upfront (though some supplements may be charged). The courses themselves are taught by world-renowned professors who have teaching experience in their field of expertise—and they’re geared towards helping people develop skills like communication skills or problem-solving techniques that will help them succeed in life outside academia too!

Useful Educational Apps (2021-2023)

The following are some of the most useful educational apps that you should consider using in 2021-2023.

  • Tutor Time: This app allows you to find tutors via your location, as well as schedule them for a one-on-one session with you. It also allows you to ask questions directly through text messaging or emailing the tutor if they don’t have enough time available during their free hours (which is often).
  • Google Classroom: This app has been around since 2010 and offers an elementary school setting with tools like homework assignments, progress reports, quizzes, and tests which can be used by both teachers and students alike. It has many benefits over other learning platforms including its ability to easily create presentations online so that teachers can share their work with others outside of school hours without having any problems communicating with each other about deadlines etc…
  • Khan Academy: This website offers free content for anyone who wants access without needing any special qualifications or skillset requirements – just be willing to learn something new every day! There’s no limit on how long it takes either; just keep going at whatever pace works best for YOU! If things get too intense though then there’s always another option available called Quizlet where users create their own flashcards based upon what interests them most…and then learn anything related directly from those sources instead of having someone else explain everything firsthand before moving forward into deeper waters

The following are on our list of the best educational apps in 2023.

  • Tutor Time
  • Google Classroom
  • Khan Academy
  • Duolingo
  • Kahoot! (No longer available)

Quizlet, ClassDojo, and Photomath are also excellent options for students. Nearpod is a great tool to help students remember the names of things they have learned at school or elsewhere.


This list is sure to be updated in the future, but for now, here’s our list of some of the best educational apps out there. If you have any other apps that we should include on this list, please let us know in the comments below!

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